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Who can replace Steve Jobs?

So many Needles to find in so many Haystacks!

That is the burning question on everyone’s mind today. And most people are posing this more or less as a rhetorical question because everyone is very clear in his or her own mind that the answer is anyway “Nobody” – with due apologies to Mr. Cook! This conundrum puts us in mind of what the role requirement of a job is and how exactly one goes around filling it – all the way from the top job of a CEO down to the night watchman (who just might miss all the action on the crucial occasion, because he has never ever built the slightest reputation for burning the midnight oil – and yes, I have my building’s watchman on my mind as I write this!)

The task of a supplier is hard, if not mind-blowing! Due credit must be given to the suppliers who take on all the hard aspects of finding ‘right’ candidates with the ‘right’ fit! Sounds like a cake walk – or does it? We know all about the revolutionary support that social media today is offering to recruiters. I would be really interested to see if they can offer up someone as unique and gifted as Steve Jobs! Wow – isn’t that really an apt surname?

Challenges suppliers face:

1. Finding the ‘Right’ Candidate:

This one is a no brainer, of course! Recruiting is only about the candidate and nothing else, if you peel off all the layers and look at its core. There are jobs and jobs – but as mentioned above, even a night-watchman needs to showcase some critical skills to fit the bill. So, we find someone who has the necessary experience and skills but no interest in the role offered or not willing to think of a location change – and ‘what did you say is the package anyway? Didn’t anyone tell you that if you paid peanuts, all you could get was monkeys to work for you? That is just too bad!’

2. The Hurdle of the Hiring Manager/Supervisor:

Unbelievably, the herculean efforts pay off and we have the ‘right’ candidate – who in our considered opinion would definitely fit the bill! The hiring manager differs! Or just does not recognize the worth of the candidate or the way the role is a good fit – because of a lack of interviewing and recruiting skills! Then we must not forget the supervisors who definitely have a say in these matters and may just feel slightly threatened by the candidate’s capabilities which might outshine everyone else’s!

3. Candidate gets bitten by a Travel Bug:

Disaster strikes in the form of a candidate who decides to be up and off within a few days of joining an organization. Personally, I would say that a supplier would be smart to assess the fit with the candidate and the work culture of the organization and also that the client should also take responsibility for exploring this angle independently and not put all the blame on the supplier – considering Point 1 where I have somehow omitted to mention that it forms the supplier’s livelihood.

Please do point out if any missing ones: – if you are one of the long-suffering ones – but only after you read the second part of this piece which, I promise, will follow soon on the heels of this one!

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