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Recent Wins by Contingent Workers

The number of contingent workers in today’s job market is growing exponentially as more workers are enjoying the flexibility of freelancing offers. Most of them have no lasting love for traditional office environments either.

Enjoying one’s work and feeling productive are fundamentally necessary to any productive worker, but the ability to fix any workplace issues which may be irking them will rank up there to ensure one’s job satisfaction. This is where today’s contingent workers are posting wins for temporary worker’s rights, and entrenching themselves in their chosen career path.

Wins posted by contingent workers                                                                               

Contingent workers are refusing to be marginalized and learning to fight together against efforts to sideline their demands. They want union memberships, higher pay, better benefits and the flexibility that contingent work offers, which is like having your cake and eating it too. For example, joining unions is helping auto workers to be heard along with the rest of their colleagues.

As more temporary workers take up occupations in information technology and academic fields, requiring more knowledge and skills than jobs in janitorial services, home health care and security, the ability of temporary workers to ensure their welfare is phenomenally higher than ever before.

Recent wins give testament to banding together

Check out what contingent employees have been able to leverage recently:

  • Adjunct university professors are getting to ink long-term contracts with their employers.
  • Unionized auto workers can make it very difficult, if not impossible for their employer to reject their demands and find alternative workers to replace them.
  • Contingent workers feel that they can leverage their combined strength and stand up to claim a bigger and fairer share of the profits that were generated by their labor.
  • The movement for $15 pay per hour was started by fast food workers, many of whom work part-time, and has helped change the future of many by snowballing into California and New York adopting laws to increase minimum wages in their states to $15, with many other states preparing to follow suit.
  • Temporary workers are protected from employers from being made to wait in queues, uncompensated, for work that did not always come their way, even after a long wait.
  • Some employers are unable to find any takers for work when the compensation offered by them is found to be lower than the marker average.
  • Unionization has enabled workers in different industries to ensure for themselves the following benefits:
    • Better compensation packages
    • More benefits
    • Protection from retaliation
    • Higher wages
    • Conversion to permanent positions
    • Ability to collect unpaid wages
    • Superior working conditions
  • The safety of temporary workers is being tracked assiduously by OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) to ensure that staffing companies and their clients take the necessary steps to provide the required protection and safety gear to contingent workers. In the event of any injury to a contingent worker, both the staffing agency and its clients would be held culpable, which makes it difficult for anyone to push untrained contingent workers into dangerous workplaces without ensuring their safety.

More than just pay and benefits

Organizations such as the Freelancer’s Union are offering resources to members to ensure that when their hard work goes unpaid, they have a platform other than expensive litigation to air their grievance against clients who deny them fair compensation. These groups also help with information on what skills are in demand, access to affordable health insurance and other benefits, retirement plans and a myriad other benefits through collective lobbying and bargaining.

Have you joined an organization or union to access resources? If so, which one?

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  1. Shelley Luzaich says:

    Thanks for reminding me about the Freelancers Union as a resource. I joined and look forward to all of the benefits, knowledge and camaraderie from other freelancers.

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